Seasonal Catering Equipment and Optimal Time to Purchase

During certain times of the year you will use certain products less due to the season. For example, ice machines are used less during the winter months while heating equipment is used more due to the colder weather. Such seasonal equipment is usually in big demand during the relevant season because people’s preferences change throughout the year.

Summer Catering Equipment

  • Ice Cream Machines are popular during summer months because they are a cold sweet treat that cools you down. Ice Cream Display Fridges are also great for displaying different flavours of ice cream to entice the customer.
  • Ice Machines produce cubes of ice or you’ll find icemakers that make crushed ice for cocktails and other delicious summer drinks.
  • Blast Chillers chill cans or bottles of drinks very quickly. This is a very important piece of catering equipment for bars.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers are used throughout the year, although there is more of a need to keep food items frozen or cold during warmer months.
  • Slush Machines create flavoured crushed ice drinks that are loved by young and old alike. These are a summer favourite.

Winter Catering Equipment

  • Various types of Warmers are popular during winter. These include cup warmers, plate warmers, food warmers and many others. They are used to keep the food or catering equipment heated for longer during cold days so that customers can enjoy a cosy warm meal or drink.
  • Coffee Machines make more hot coffee drinks during winter when people prefer a cup of coffee over that of a cold drink. Consequently urns are popular too. Urns boil and keep the water hot for the preparation of hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate. It’s good to have hot water ready to serve.
  • Heated Display Units are a great way to keep food warm while having it on display for customers to view. The contents in these units entice customers to want the heated food in the display.

During the summer months the demand for summer catering equipment tends to increase and the same thing occurs during the winter months with winter catering equipment. For those restaurant owners who have a particular budget it is important to note that winter catering equipment tends to go on sale during summer, and vice versa. When you think you don’t need it most is the time when a¬†catering equipment sale¬†could come along. So keep your eyes open for those off-season sales.